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Top 5 sexiest female DJs !!! ;-)


Once, for the change, something different, still from dance music scene, just an other approach to the topic.

The hot one!

5th place – Ladida

As soon as the name Ladida is mentioned, everybody thinks of the first lady of Czech DJing. She is typified by her precise mixing style and dynamic electronic sound with percussive elements and organic soundscapes. At the beginning of her DJ career she concentrated above all on melodic groovy techno, whereas today she is ploughing the furrow of primarily minimal techno. However, Ladida does not work only as a DJ but as a producer, in which her success resides mainly in her wide-ranging musical spectrum and many years of experience.

4th place – DJ Mari Ferrari (Hot and Topless)

She is hot and she is topless. Between many topless DJ’s this one was the best looking in my opinion.

3rd place – DJ Loli

DJ Loli is one of the top female DJ’s in the world that spins Alternative music, Fidget, Electro, Indie, and other variations of Dance music. She is a different and new kind of enterteiner who is a DJ, Singer, Producer and a Business owner. DJ Loli has launched her Loliland inc enterprise in 2007.

2nd place – Dj Diva

This female DJ puts up a revolutionary worldwide new DJ concept with an erotic taste! DJ Diva started her career on New Years Eve 2002. Being inspired by two friends, who were spinning records already, she didnt take DJ-ing for granted and followed a training-course in 2001 at the Dutch DJ school in Amsterdam. Finally in 2002 a DJ booth was build in her house, made her able to practise a lot to gain all the experiences that she thought she needed.

1st place – DJanne AFFECTA

I remained speechless when I saw this piece of art. DJ Affecta definitely deserves the 1st place on my list.

New upcoming project from DJ AFFECTA vs Alex Astero & Evan Sax. From April 2009 in the clubs of Russia and Europe you can hear and see results of joint cooperation.


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