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Classic of the week: John O’Callaghan – Big Sky

This week’s classic is one of the biggest hits from the man responsible for many. Each of his productions is a sure-shot at dance floor frenzy, and his sound is loved by millions of dance lovers across the globe. We’re talking about John O’Callaghan, Ireland’s number one DJ/producer and the owner of Subculture. His stunning trancer ‘Big Sky’, featuring the unrivalled vocals of singer Audrey Gallagher, has been one of the highlights in John’s career, as well as a crowd pleaser during its play time. It’s done quite some damage to the floors since its release in 2008. Still a favorite of many trance lovers, it’s got all the right to be named our ‘Classic of the Week’!

‘Big Sky’ is a real ‘one of a kind’, recognizable for its drive, heavy bass line at the low end, mixed with the extraordinary vocals of singer Audrey Gallagher. It was voted the number 1 trance tune of 2007 on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance show. Five years later, it still hasn’t lost its power.


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